It does exist – the perfect packaging solution

Being specialists for packaging ideas made of plastic we understand ourselves as full-range provider, industry specialist and system supplier. Even in our standard scope of supply you will find everything – from the smallest box to the biggest suitcase. Our product range is based on innovative developments in combination with customer-specific packagings asked for by industry, dentistry, promotion, optics, acoustics, electronics, medical science. No matter what is your need: product protection, functionality, presentation or promotion – we will be pleased to develop the perfect packaging solution for you. Do not hesitate to get into touch with the expert!
Looking for consumer packagings? If so, our round boxes will be first choice. Insiders appreciate the practical benefits, quality and sturdiness as well as versatility for industry and laboratory. Select from our wide range of boxes in different sizes and designs.

Our round boxes are ideal for small accessories such as screws. They serve to provide safe storing – also for pulverized contents. Besides, many of our customers use them for despatch. Please contact us. We will be pleased to explain what is possible.

Showing products in a good light and at their best: this is what our rectangular boxes are made for. So to say: rectangular, functional, versatile and of course well conceived. Ideal for sales and presentation

and also suitable as consumer packaging for small parts and accessories. A wide choice of boxes is available in a variety of sizes. Let us know your task and we will find the right packaging answer.

Typically LICEFA: In Germany we are the largest supplier of membrane boxes. Our Economic Line comprises small membrane boxes with slip lid respectively hinged lid, membrane boxes in square and rectangular shape also with hinges. This edition is ideal for price-conscious purchasers.

With our high-grade Premium Line we focus on top quality. The Premium edition as well comes along with round and square membrane boxes in different versions. Especially customers who have to handle ultra-small components appreciate and use these boxes for example in the dental market, for precision mechanics, optics, optoelectronics or microelectronics

Our useful assortment cases provide order and clarity. In combination with vacuum forming inserts or with foam-padded inlays (standard or customer-specific) they are a real wonder of organization for elegant presentation and safe protection.

Translucent lids ensure clear visibility. Thanks to versatile possibilities in equipment and design our assortment cases are ideal to be used as service kit or replacement kit for all sorts of small parts as handled e.g. in the dental sector, electronics, precision mechanics, optics and acoustics. They are perfectly suitable as service kit for small tools, for clear presentation of spectacle frames or as multifunction box for dental laboratories

Our high-grade suitcases play a major role in different branches and for most diverse applications. No wonder: They are extremely versatile, durable, secure and stable.

Actually, our suitcases leave a lasting impression as we always focus on both - functionality as well as design. They stand out for universal use whether in transport, presentation and promotion. Various sizes and layouts with vacuum forming inserts or foam inserts (standard or customized) are available to meet your individual requirements. One of our core competences is the development of system packagings which are well thought out and tailored to your specific needs even in corporate design. Make use of our long standing experience to put your packaging plans into practice.

Organized storage – easy transport! Our large selection of boxes and trays offers a wide field of applications: euro boxes, KLT small load carriers and collapsible boxes are well known and highly appreciated for safe transport e.g. of components handled in the car industry or in machine engineering.

What do you think of organizing in-house processes in laboratories and in the craft trade sector by using trays perfectly matched in colour? They are sturdy, stackable and ideal to be used as reusable boxes. Hence, saving cost and storing space. For working in ESD-safe environment we offer conductive alternatives. Do you have any special idea? We shall be glad to conceive a tailor-made packaging solution for you!

Such a versatile, such a flexible system: with our drawer cabinets almost anything is possible. What kind of solution do you require for your office or your warehouse? Whenever it comes to the storage of office supplies, small parts or SMD components, our drawer cabinets are the right choice.

Products of this range are space-saving and extensible thanks to various useful extras. Inserts, rollboy and roll containers serve to create clear organization and mobile workflows. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Electrical tension and electronic components – these do not go together! You can rely on us to protect your products and to take care for safe storage and transport of sensitive parts in particular. For this purpose we manufacture packagings made of conductive or dissipative material.

In our wide range of packagings for ESD protection you’ll find a solution for any application from transport, packaging, storing, organization and presentation. Do you have special requirements with regard to sensitive components? Are you looking for packagings other than black, e.g. dissipative in blue, red and yellow? Call us to know more!

As many of our customers confirm: real top-quality products for the dental industry, for dental laboratories and dentists. When it comes to dental packagings, we have a leading position, for our products make everyday work easier; they are functional and safe.

Systems for individual use and high-quality finish are characteristic for our range of dental packagings. Get into touch with us to ask for your specific dental solution.

Standard or customer-specific – suitable inserts for all kinds of packagings! We offer a wide standard range of inserts for transport boxes, trays, suitcases and assortment cases. This is how you create space-saving and clear order

Depending on the content and on the field of application the case is intended to be used for, we supply foam inlays in various densities. You require interiors that are resilient and resistant to dirt and humidity? If so, vacuum-formed inserts are the right choice. They are sturdy, shockproof and easy to clean. And if you cannot find what you are looking for, we will design a tailor-made vacuum-formed insert or foam inlay to cover your specific needs.

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